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20 novembre 2015 5 20 /11 /novembre /2015 16:06

Bienvenu massamba MP pledge for the suspension over tax crédits cuts in the uk as many household a Family could be suffocated to meet their needs. In fact many workers depend on top-up to sustain their family by getting tax crédits as well as work tax credits; so please can you raise voices to say all together “ stop cuts”. The voice is a weapon to stop cuts to stop war, to stop conflict, to stop discrimination, to stop division, to stop violence and to stop everything. If we belong together as one Family we have to fight as one nation as well as one world to deffeat poverty & unemployment please fight hard.What is the point of financing war in syria or in afghanistan or elsewhere instead of financing money in welfare, NHS, housings, education, jobs opportunities etc.. etc...

I totally back the leader of the opposition by saying that the proposals would cause chaos, devastation in many people’s lives and damage life opportunities for many. Let’s stand together against manies cuts to come into force in the near future in the UK by saying anough is anough, this time and for the good of our children we have to say “STOP THE CUTS, STOP THE CUTS, STOP THE CUTS” otherways there will be a popular uprising in the all country for no reason.

Bienvenu Massamba MP

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